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  • Content development
  • Optimal organization
  • Clear, lucid style
  • Complexity simplified
  • Key issues highlighted
  • Actionable recommendations
Corinna Fales


“Corinna worked as a writer for us. Her work is insightful and elegant and she was a pleasure to collaborate with.” (regarding a report for the Library of Congress)
Margaret Honey, PhD, President & CEO
New York Hall of Science

“Corinna, I sent the document to Merck. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! I can't begin to tell you how easy and wonderful my life has become with you and me working on these ideas. The opening paragraph set the tone so well that I didn't even have to write a set-up email.”
David Webster, PhD
President, Webster Consulting Group, Inc

“Corinna has done an excellent job for our program, both in her capacity as Special Projects Writer and as Quality Assurance Specialist. She is also exceptionally good at collaborating with other team members and with our client.”
Ana Chapman
Director, Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), City University of New York (CUNY), Training Program

“Corinna was instrumental in transforming my manuscript into a first-class read. She has a mastery of the language, cuts through dense and often unreadable text with surgical skill, and is available for consultation.”
Terry Williams, PhD
Professor of Sociology, New School University; Author: The Cocaine Kids (Perseus 1989); Crackhouse: Notes from the End of the Line (Penguin 1992); Teenage Suicide Notes (forthcoming)

DOING WHAT WORKS:   Since my first professional writing /editing job fifteen years ago – a report for the Library of Congress – I have learned what works and what doesn't. I know how to tell a story, whether itís in the form of a research report or a memoir; and, if necessary, I will bend the rules for a project that needs something different and original to make it sing. Check out my experience and testimonials for the variety of jobs and projects I do.

THE BOTTOM LINE:   Style, voice, organization, and content must fit each project – and, if I am editing, my first obligation is to retain the writer's voice and intent. But my bottom line is always to create materials that are clear and interesting, so they will engage the intended audience.

ONE-STOP SHOP:   I am skilled at all levels of editing and can take you from concept and development through copyediting (or any part of that you choose).

SERVICE & INTEGRITY:   I always do my best, I am easy to collaborate with, and I am straightforward in relation to all aspects of my work, from my results-oriented recommendations to my business arrangements.

TALK TO ME:   Talk to me about your project, email me for a sample of my work on it, and see if you think we would make a good team!

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