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Corinna Fales


"While We Await A Cure for Alzheimer's: The Mother I Know" (Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), for Proceedings of A Changing Melody Forum at the 26th International Conference of Alzheimer's International 2011.
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"Instant Help for Children and Teens with Asperger Syndrome" (Instant Help Publications 2005) (Disseminated internationally to parents, teens, and professionals).
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"Digitized Primary Source Documents from the Library of Congress in History and Social Studies Curriculum" (Library Trends, 45(4), Spring 1997) (co-authored with Chen, E., and Thompson, J.) (Article excerpted from field research report for Library of Congress).
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"Mirror, Mirror...Lessons from a Strangely Disquieting Interview" (3-page excerpt):
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"A Case Study in Social Policy" (7-page excerpt):
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Bio of Lisa Bodnar, singer/songwriter:
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Three brief excerpts/samples from murder-trial study:
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Mission statement & overview for Samana College Research Center website:
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Procedure for providing translation services for LESA clients:
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The 2008 annual report of the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement:
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