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Corinna Fales


Corinna Fales is a brilliant, dedicated, diligent, insightful editor who adds both the small things that make something glow with intelligence and the large things that make one think and get clearer.

Mack Lipkin, Jr., MD
Professor of Medicine & Director of the Division of Primary Care, Internal Medicine at New York University School of Medicine & Bellevue Hospital Center

Corinna did an excellent job in editing our invited guest editorial, subsequently published in the Journal of Addiction Diseases. Her contribution to the manuscript, provided under a very tight timetable, was outstanding. We intend to request her assistance in future articles that we will be preparing.


Robert Newman, MD, MPH
President Emeritus of Continuum Health Partners, Inc.; Professor of Epidemiology &
Population Health and Professor of Psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine;
formerly President & CEO of the Beth Israel Health Care System in New York City

Susan G. Gevertz
Healthcare Consultant; Member of the Board of Directors, Westchester Medical Center;
Member of Board of Directors, New Alternatives for Children

Corinna has excellent editing skills. She is highly dependable and takes pride in her work and understanding our needs.

Anne Wolf, PhD
Director (ret.), Office of Systemwide Evaluation & Accountability, NYC Board of Education

Corinna edited my book with style and grace.

Fang Deng, PhD
Associate Professor of Sociology, Bridgewater State University; Author: Unintended Outcomes of Social Movements: The 1989 Chinese Student Movement (Routledge 2010) (International Library of Sociology)

We found Ms. Fales' work tremendously helpful. She not just corrected spelling, grammar, punctuation or syntax but gave advice to improve readability and flow of information. Because of her work we were able to present results of our research in a much improved way. In addition, Ms. Fales' editing work was very rapid.

Dr. med. Michael Liebrenz-Rosenstock, et al.
Research Group on Substance Use Disorders & Department of Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatric University Hospital; Zurich, Switzerland

Corinna helped to structure and weave a positive theme into our agency's 2008 annual report.

Elizabeth Kumar
Assistant Deputy Commissioner, NYC HRA; Office of Child Support Enforcement

Corinna worked with me on text editing for a web-based new project, called an eLecture. Her skills as an editor and sensitivity to the subject matter and overall new process were fabulous! She is a strong partner for any team who brings many skills to the table.

Christine Pawelski, EdD
Institute for Complementary Practices, Teachers College, Columbia University

Ms Fales really understood my ideas and just constructed the language to convey my message. She must be a genius and I wished she was my English language teacher. It was marvelous. In fact writing is a skill. I admire her sooooo much.

Peter Ahlijah
Education Administrator, Ministry of Education in Ghana

Corinna has collaborated with us on developing website materials, proposals, news releases, and letters to government officials and to existing and potential partners. Her input and writing/editing skills are consistently top-notch, her turnaround time is consistently excellent, and she is always a pleasure to work with.

Frank Minaya & Dr. Dana Minaya
Co-founders, Samana College Research Center, Dominican Republic

Corinna was a great catalyst for jump-starting the process of converting my dissertation into a book. She served as an excellent sounding-board for the overall conceptualization involved in the restructuring process.

Amy Siskind, PhD
Sociologist & Evaluation Researcher; Author: The Sullivan Institute / Fourth Wall Community: the Relationship of Radical Individualism and Authoritarianism (Religion in the Age of Transformation Series) (Praeger 2003)

I love how Corinna's bio of me captures the essence of who I am.

Lisa Bodnar

Corinna is a caring and expeditious editor. She has a wonderful demeanor for a variety of writers. For me, she was particularly helpful in encouraging my style and helping me refine my 'writerly' voice. She also kept me on task. I highly recommend her services to scholars.

Kyra Gaunt, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Baruch College, CUNY; Author: The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-dutch to Hip-hop (NYU Press 2006)

Corinna is a strong technical writer. Her skills in report writing, editing, and proposal writing can make a valuable contribution to any organization's planning and implementation efforts.

Marilyn Zlotnik
Vice President, Development & Communications, Metis Associates, Inc. (an education consultancy)

Corinna's work on my novel exceeded all my expectations. I have even used 'magic' to describe it. She was quick to recognize wordiness, redundancies, inconsistencies, and distractions – creating a smoother read than I could have imagined. I have also found her extremely easy to work with and timely in her responses.

David Epperson
Owner and CEO, Southwest Diagnostic Imaging, Inc., Author: Artificial Attrition (2003)

Corinna worked as a writer for us. Her work is insightful and elegant and she was a pleasure to collaborate with. (regarding a report for the Library of Congress)

Margaret Honey, PhD
President & CEO, New York Hall of Science

Corinna, I sent the document to Merck. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! I can't begin to tell you how easy and wonderful my life has become with you and me working on these ideas. The opening paragraph set the tone so well that I didn't even have to write a set-up email.

David Webster, PhD
President, Webster Consulting Group, Inc

Corinna has done an excellent job for our program, both in her capacity as Special Projects Writer and as Quality Assurance Specialist. She is also exceptionally good at collaborating with other team members and with our client.

Ana Chapman
Director, Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), City University of New York (CUNY), Training Program

Corinna was instrumental in transforming my manuscript into a first-class read. She has a mastery of the language, cuts through dense and often unreadable text with surgical skill, and is available for consultation.

Terry Williams, PhD
Professor of Sociology, New School University; Author: The Cocaine Kids (Perseus 1989); Crackhouse: Notes from the End of the Line (Penguin 1992); Teenage Suicide Notes (forthcoming)
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