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Corinna Fales Consulting

   Speaker, Writer, Editor

          28 years in the writing/editing biz                                      

    Unique Messaging on Diversity & Race                           


                   Scroll down for additional  videos, talks





Corinna Fales Consulting


 ~ A Different Approach to Diversity/Race; Manuscript Development through Final Copy ~ 

Serving Diversity Projects, Educators & Researchers, Service Agencies, Physicians, Authors & Consultancies 

  • Public Speaking 
  • Educational & Healthcare Projects 
  • ESL Editing 
  • Book Development 

Book Publisher Certificate - IAP Career College 

If you are looking to have a book published, go to: 

Currently not accepting submissions

3-minute video on my unique talk about race


Want an engaging, down-to-earth speaker on race with an entirely different message? 

Or want superb editorial services? As a 28-year veteran of the biz, I have learned what works and what doesn't. I will always bring to your project my love for clear, accessible, and forthright communication--no matter what kind of project it is. 

I established BOONE STREET BOOKS & Editorial Services for authors looking to get published but am not currently accepting submissions because I am focused on my lifelong passion for, and experience with, diversity and race, and am looking for opportunities to share my (apparently unique) message. 


Style, voice, organization, and content must fit each project, whether written or spoken. I will collaborate joyfully with you to produce a product you are proud of. If I edit for you, my first obligation is to retain your voice and intended meaning while I help to produce clear and effective messaging for your intended audience. If I work for you as a writer, I apply the same accuracy and appropriateness. And, if I speak on your stage or podcast--which is my most recent calling--your audience will find it memorable and impactful.  


I am skilled at all levels of editing and can take you from concept and development through copyediting (or any part of that you choose). As a speaker on race, my content is definitely different and strictly original.


I always give you my best, am easy to collaborate with, and am straightforward about all aspects of my work, from my results-oriented recommendations to my business arrangements. Talk to me about your project, and let's see if you think I can help it to glow. 

(YouTube) Interview with me on race/diversity:  (runs about 20 minutes)

(YouTube) Three-minute pitch for my talk on a different approach to race/diversity: 

(YouTube) Interview with me on my second book, about political correctness (much of which is personal): 

Written interview with me about being an author featured in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global, click below: 

Authority Magazine:

Thrive Global: